Clouds across the moon

Last week I heard a song in a store that I hadn't heard for ages, and a few days later, there it was again... This particularly struck me as this song was, as far as I can remember, the first record I ever bought, at the age of -I guess - 13 (and which I accidently no longer have).

Rah Band's "Clouds across the moon" has a storyline, set in a future where Mars has been colonised. It tells the story of a woman who loves her husband who's at Mars, and can contact him only once a year. She looks out at the stars when she misses him. At the age I had then, this struck me as a nice love story (although I didn't understand everything). I never saw the clip (now I have of course...), but I also liked the cover of the single. The way the picture of the lady was on its side, while the text and the moon where in the right position, puzzled me somehow, I remember... Also, the dark purple of it all, stood out with the rest of covers at that time, which -in my memory at least- where all vivid and colourful...