Lazy Monday : Holiday song

Well, it's THAT time of the year again, so here we go...

I found this nice song in my mailbox. The Specimen seem to enjoy the sleigh bells and the prospect of possible snow : Wish it would snow (mp3)

You can buy their EP Do U Damage here


Pardon my French

That is the title of an album that I bought in 1997, by the band fuck. The sleeve shows a drawing with numerous people and animals, and my kids instantly liked it.
Although the band have not played any live gigs since 2004, their website remains updated...

Enjoy these tracks :

You can buy their records here


Rewind the video : Music for life

Belgian radio station Studio Brussel will be hosting the second edition of Music for life, an action to support the Flemish Red Cross and its water campaign in Namibia. Three DJ's will be living in a glass house, eating nothing and drinking only water, for 6 days. Dutch and Swiss collegues will do something similar in The Hague (The Netherlands) and Genève (Switzerland).
You can support the action by buying a song on the radio, or by buying this song from Fixkes and Axelle Red : Over 't water

You can buy the song here

Leonard Cohen

He's definitely one of the great musicians of our time. His unique voice and his outstanding musical performances, his life-span career with numerous great songs, all put him in the line of great pop music icons.
Leonard Cohen is one of the greatest, surely...

Enjoy these songs :
  • Bird on the wire (mp3)
  • Hey, that's no way to say goodbye (mp3)
  • Who by fire (mp3)

You can buy his albums here


Lazy Monday : Lee Perry

Although I have never been that much into reggae, I like its coolness now and again, and I'm pretty sure that some really great stuff has been recorded which I have no clue of its existence...
Every now and again, I stumble across something that I really, really like. Lee 'Scratch' Perry must be among the greatest reggae and dub artists cause whenever I hear his tunes, I'm totally won for him...

Enjoy these songs from Apeology :
  • Zion blood (mp3)
  • Evil tongue (mp3)
  • Roast fish and cornbread (mp3)

Watch the video for I am the upsetter :

You can buy Apeology here

Some songs to enjoy...

Here are a handfull of songs I really like and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :

Buy the Bloc Party single here

Buy Ghost is not real (Husky Rescue) here

Buy Made of bricks (Kate Nash) here

Buy White chalk (PJ Harvey) here


The effect of passing windows, reading : Marjan Debaene

A giant poster saying Wolfish times hanging on a window near my daughter's school, has catched my eye several times. Curious as I got, I ended up googling the title of the promoted CD and ended up at the website of Marjan Debaene, a Belgian female singer-songwriter who has released her debut album more than ten years ago.
Containing songs she wrote between 2001 and 2005, her third album was released in the fall of last year. She got some airplay with the first single (Charlie Chaplin) on national radio (but not the station I usually listen to) and has opened for Luka Bloom and neeka. She played gigs in the UK and in Bosnia-Herzegovina (being the first Belgian pop or rock artist to play there since the war), but all of that would have passed by me if it hadn't been for that poster !

Enjoy these tracks :

You can buy the album here


Album of the week : Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung

This Belgian band's epynomous debut album proved you can play modern, rocking music without guitars. A clarinet, a violin, a cello and an accordion are all it takes for them to play something that reaches from klezmer to classic rock (they managed to squeeze some Led Zeppelin into Doorloop at live performances). Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung would change their name into DAAU for the following albums and their music would grow into something a bit more conventional (although you should definitely check out their Radiohead cover Of R*D*H*D (2 + 2 = 5) to understand how unconventional their music remains...).
Their debut album was released in 1995 and it definitely was something new. But even today, the album still stands firm as a house. The "warning on the sleeve is not without cause : "magisches theater - eintrit nicht für jedermann - nur für verrückte - eintrit kostet den verstand" (magical theater - admittance not for anyone - just for the mad - admittance will cost you your mind). The music (there is no singing on this album) still succeeds in capturing your attention to release it only after hours past the last note. At times you hear something which is vaguely reminiscent of something you know, what can't quite catch... (in Doorloop, you probably cán pin it down to Ravel's Bolero). This album does what most excellent debuts do : although it has been followed by probably better records, it remains the one that gets played more often.
I have seen this band play live on the tour that followed the release (which is why I know of the Led Zeppelin piece...) and they were really awesome. Check out their tour dates (they'll play some Swedish shows in february 2008...) !

Enjoy these tracks :

  • V² - Drieslagstelsel (mp3)
  • Doorloop (+ traditional) (mp3)

You can buy their debut album and their other albums here

The band offers you 4 of their songs for free on their website (here, under downloads) : Catfish blues, Voodoo sim, Mary go round and Gin & tonic.

Next week's album of the week : Kurr - Amiina