Zelig : it's been ages since I've seen this Woody Allen movie, and I don't think I've seen all of it EVER !
Today I noticed they had it in our public library. I hope I'll be able to get it there one of these days and watch it completely.

Which reminds me : anyone ever seen "In the company of men" ? It's a grim sort of movie about two male colleagues being chauvinist pigs (they play this game trying to seduce an "easy prey" at work) that has a strange twist in the end.

And here's my last movie tip : All over me. It's about two young girls, one of which is a lesbian, who has to choose between friendship and justice. I've discovered Patti Smith's "Pissin' in a river" through this movie and my eyes always get wet with tears whenever I hear that mix of anger and pain in the song.



In my car I listened to my tape of David Baerwald 's Triage and it struck me (it has been awhile since I've listened to it) that it's one of those easily forgotten and underrated albums by artists that never got the success they deserve.

David's in good company on my own list of underrated and easily forgotten albums :

If you wish to complete this list, go right ahead !

Meanwhile, I've finished reading "The year of the Cancer" (Het jaar van de kreeft) by Hugo Claus. I read it in Dutch, I'm not sure it has been translated ... It has been made into a film starring Rutger Hauer, it turns out...