Big in Belgium : Arno

Arno (Hintjens), once the frontman of Belgian rock stars T.C. Matic, has been enjoying a lot of respect from musicians all over Europe (and perhaps beyond?). He has worked with many great artists, covered many great songs (including some unusual suspects like Salvatore Adamo's Les filles du bord de mer). Actually, he's probably the biggest living legend in Belgian music, always performing for crowds of crazy fans...
Enjoy these songs :
  • It's all over now (mp3) : a Womack & Womack cover, originally played with all star band Charles et Les Lulus
  • I'm not myself (mp3) : featuring Tom Barman from dEUS and Stef Kamil Carlens from Zita Swoon
  • Les yeux de ma mère (mp3)
  • Putain putain (mp3) : orginally a T.C. Matic song

You can buy the album Give me the gift, which features all above songs, here



I had the chance of listening to the new Goldie album, Sine tempus, which is supposed to be a soundtrack to a Goldie movie that is about to be released, and I must say I was a little disappointed. Like the guy at the London Rough Trade music shop said about someone else : "he's gone all soft on us..."
One track however does stand out and is vintage Goldie stuff, for all of you drum 'n bass fans :
I know who I am (mp3). It's got it all !!!

And just to let you experience the true Goldie experience, I've added an old time favorite :
Temper temper (mp3). It features Noel Gallagher of Oasis on guitar.

Enjoy !

You can buy the new Goldie album here


Just a selection...

Today I bring you a random selection of songs to end the summer vacation...

- Goons & Goblins (A Milli) - Shakeyface vs. Weezy (mp3) : summer vibes remixed by Shakeyface

- a remix of 80s songs for almost an hour by Buffetlibre DJ's

1. Buffetlibre Theme
2. Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters

3. CFCF - Big Love (Fleetwood Mac cover) (Rewind new song)
4. Animotion - Obsession
5. Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is a Place On Earth (Hidden Cat remix) (Rewind)
6. Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind
7. Mr. Mister - Broken Wings (Hostage remix) (Rewind new song)
8. Communards - Don't Leave Me This Way
9. Anoraak - Talking In Your Sleep (The Romantics cover) (Rewind)
10. Camouflage - Love Is A Shield
11. Madonna - Into The Groove (Sidechains remix) (Rewind)
12. No Name - Fashion
13. A-Ha - Hunting High And Low (Louis La Roche remix) (Rewind)
14. New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle
15. Moulinex - Come On Closer (Pineapples cover) (Rewind)
16. Mr. Flagio - Take A Chance
17. Marietta - Destination Unknown (CSK OK remix) (Rewind)
18. Klapto - Queen Of The Night
19. Roger Troutman - Do It Roger (Xinobi remix) (Rewind)
20. Secret Services - Flash In The Night

Enjoy !


Music for one apartment and six drummers

Better check your appartment after returning from a walk...


Isaac Hayes aka Chef

Some days ago, Isaac Hayes died. I'm sure you can find a lot of dedicational posts in the blogosphere, and it's not an artist I have much to say about, or to add to all that.
But to me, Isaac Hayes will always be the man behind one of the best South Park characters : Chef.
This is the song that says it all : Chocolate salty balls (mp3)

You can buy the album Chef Aid : The South park album here


China Olympics

Due to the Bejing Olympics (which I watch an awful lot!), I haven't posted much lately. Here's a song that's a bit of sort of appropriate : Mao Tse Tung said (mp3) by Alabama 3.
Check out the funny song Hello... I'm Johnny Cash on their website...
You can buy Alabama 3 music here


The House Of Love

Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful and the most treasured. A simple melody, in harmony with a relaxing voice and musicians who don't seek the headlights but just all play their part in making a song work : what more could one hope for in a pure pop song ?
True masters at this are
The House Of Love, an English band active initially between 1986 and 1993. In 2005 they re-united.
From the moment I first heard them, I liked them. They have a charm that captures you right away. They know how to play a good tune, and they don't make a big fuzz about it all : it's all just simple and very, very good !
I have added some of their most famous tracks, together with an acoustic performance they gave for a Dutch radio show (2 meter sessie for 2 meter de lucht in with host
Jan Douwe Kroeske) :

  • The girl with the loneliest eyes (mp3)
  • Shine on (mp3)
  • Feel (mp3)
  • Beatles and The Stones (2 meter sessie) (mp3)

You can buy their greatest hits album here

The 2 meter sessies album seems to be unavailable currently


Manu Dibango

One of Africa's biggest musical stars, is -without any doubt- Manu Dibango. A musical career that started off in Brussels and Paris, led him to Congo and Cameroon and then back to Europe, and that started in the 1960's : not many musicians from Africa can present such credentials...

This saxophone player manages a wide range of musical styles.
For those who hadn't heard of him, here's a little introduction :

  • Soul Makossa
  • Wouri
  • Goro city
Here you can buy his newest album
You can buy African soul : the very best of Manu Dibango here