New form for the new year

I've decided on how to deal with this blog, and I'm sorry to say that it will no longer exist in its current form. As a matter of fact, I've decided that I will integrate the content of what I used to do here, in my other blog, which is in Dutch (my native tongue).
It had become too much trouble for what I intended to do here, so I think I will be much better able to promote the music I love in my own language and in a form and on a blog on which I have enough time to do things properly...
I hope that even in spite of the language, you'll follow me there. If you do, nice to keep seeing you... If you don't, thanks for having taken the time to come every now and then... I hope you enjoyed it as much as I intended to...


Back in 2009

We'll be back in business in 2009. Enjoy yourselves in the meantime !