Boxer The Horse

The majority of Boxer The Horse are still under 20 years old. The band recorded a short five song demo in 2007, only to sell out of the limited pressing of only 50 copies at one show to an enthusiastic group of French exchange students. The band soon went to work on their formal debut EP, The Late Show. I like how they named their band after a character in Animal farm, the novel by George Orwell.
Their songs remind me of The Kinks, the young Bob Dylan (but with an English accent) and a Weezer-meets-Ben Folds type of indie band... But hey, you'd better judge for yourself :

You can buy the EP here


Green Velvet

There is something very exciting about a lot of songs by Green Velvet, the alter ego of Curtis A. Jones.
This song is no exception to that, with its pulsating rhythm, its alienating lyrics and its trippy bleeps. Check it out, together with a Cajmere remix. Cajmere is just another alter ego of the same man, by which he made a lot of remixes for Green Velvet songs. Sounds schizofrenic, don't it ?
  • Genedefekt (radio mix) (mp3)
  • Genedefekt (Cajmere mix) (mp3)

You can buy the songs here


Poésie Noire

In 1992, Belgian band Poésie Noire, originally a 7 piece band, but later reduced to 3, ceased to exist, after their record company failed to release their newest album Delirious. Eventually, EMI would release it, their band name having changed to TBX, but since it wasn't successfull at all, EMI dropped it from its catalog soon afterwards.
They had had some success however, having opened for Dead Can Dance and The Sisters Of Mercy, and having released 14 albums and mini-albums. The album that has been my personal favourite, is Love is colder than death, which offers us a good view of their new wave sound and their dark lyrics. It was released in 1989.
Enjoy these songs :

  • Love is colder than death (mp3)
  • The lake (mp3)
  • Oblivion (mp3)

You can buy the album here or here, as it's very hard to find...



We had a dream last night... we had the same dream... Two little boys claim this in what sounds like the soundtrack to a horror science fiction movie, but actually it's the opening song for the album Patashnik by Biosphere.
It's an intruiging song that I felt always fitted perfectly well with the blue cover of the record. Enjoy it !

Phantasm - Biosphere (mp3)

You can buy the album Patashnik here
You can also download a lot of Biosphere songs offered for free here


Big in Belgium : Bobbejaan

Bobbejaan Schoepen is one of those old time stars from the fifties and sixties, who got very famous in Belgium. I wrote about him once in my post about Dead Man Ray and its lead singer Daan.
Earlier this year, after a long, long silence (35 years!), he released a new record, which got a sort of American recordings treatment, albeit on a smaller scale. With some help from Daan and Elko Blijweert (from Dead Man Ray), Nathalie Delcroix (from Laïs), Geike Arnaert (from Hooverphonic) and Axelle Red, as well as from his song Tom and his wife Josée, he recorded 12 new songs (well, actually one of them is a sort of remake of one of his most famous songs in Dutch, De lichtjes van de Schelde). The record sounds a bit like the Rick Rubin produced Johnny Cash songs, but it also sounds very Flemish and the songs certainly do a lot of justice to the singing voice and whistling by Bobbejaan.
Also, the records is a musical hommage to aged men. It's about getting older and viewing your life in retrospect, and about the experience one gathers throughout one's life, about losing your youth, strength and fysical ability.

Enjoy these songs :

  • Je me suis souvent demandé (mp3) : singing in French, together with Axelle Red, Bobbejaan wonders about the bigger and smaller questions of life...
  • Flower of Shanghai (mp3) : Daan sings most of this song, about the long-distance love of a sailor in a far away port...
  • On a carousel (mp3) : mostly instrumental, with a lot of whistling (something Bobbejaan was famous for in his oldest songs), and with a spoken (Dutch) introduction...
  • Verankerd (mp3) : this song is probably the best of the whole record : it's about being old and sick (cancer), but still wanting to live, it's the song which offers the rich palet of Bobbejaan's singing (the voice of an old and experienced singer, a lot of country influences, but at the same time it sounds about as provincial as it can get) and it hits the mood of the lyrics so right on that's impossible to resist to the beauty of it, even if it is sung in Dutch... Of course, as Dutch is my mother language, I cannot judge it, but I wonder if you hear the richess of this even if you're unfamiliar with the language (I would guess so). So please give it a try (and feel free to leave a comment about it...)

You can buy the record Bobbejaan here


Bonde Do Role

It sounds like a house anthem ! But the Portugese just gives that extra touch to make it stand out !
Bonde De Role have created one of the most perfect party hits for me : Divine Gosa. And their album With lasers has even more to offer ! I saw this group live last year at Pukkelpop festival, and they were just amazing... I didn't understand a word, but hell, they knew how to throw a party. And what a singer !
Enjoy these tracks :

  • Divine gosa (mp3)
  • Solta o frango (mp3)
  • James Bonde (mp3)

You can buy the album here


Fleet foxes

They sound like they were making music in the same era as The Band, early Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, but actually, they just released their first album.
Fleet Foxes are truely the next big thing !
Enjoy their fantastic song : White winter hymnal (mp3)
Buy their debut album here


Big in Belgium : Headphone

They are one of the rising stars of the Belgian alternative scene : Headphone !
I really, really dig their newest single, She is electric, which has just about all the right ingredients to make it here and anywhere (if promoted properly, as beautiful music in itself is not enough to conquer the ears of foreign music lovers, in today's giant mass of musical production). This is the video for it :

Enjoy these tracks from their debut album :

  • She is electric (mp3)
  • Ghostwriter (mp3)
  • Film (mp3)

You can buy the album here


Album of the month : Passion - Peter Gabriel

Music for The Last Temptation Of Christ, a film by Martin Scorsese is what it says underneath the title on the CD back cover.
This was my first introduction to Peter Gabriel's own Realworld label. It was the first release on that label, and it contains some of the most beautiful instrumental music I have ever heard made by a pop artist. Influenced by a lot of "world music" he had heard, Peter Gabriel composed a variety of songs which are all, to some extent, a stunning mix of the influences he absorbed and his own musical idiom.
This album is best listened to as a whole, of course, as the musical journey tells, in its own language, the story of the movie, and it contains such a rich palet of music that is like a multi-course dinner, of which each plate is delicious in itself, but the whole dinner has a surplus by the ideal combination of the dishes...
However, I have chosen some dishes for your enjoyment, to have a little taste to hunger for more :

  • The feeling begins (mp3)
  • Of these, hope (mp3)
  • Troubled (mp3)
  • It is accomplished (mp3)

You can buy the album here


Lazy Monday : Sofa Surfers

It's been more than 10 years ago when I saw this CD in the record shop that intrigued me, just by the look of it. It wasn't as if I had ever heard of Sofa Surfers, but still, there was something about their name, about the artwork on the cover and probably (although that's something I cannot remember) something about its place in the shop's CD rack between other artists which drew my attention.
After a listen, I decided to buy the album, Transit, and although it's not a record that I have played many times, every I-don't-know-how-many months it ends up in my CD player or PC.
The phrenetic drum 'n bass sounds woven in the smoother and laidback melodies, sometimes with a distinct reggae touch (like in Sofa rockers) render it a sophisticated and yet attractive atmosphere.
A lazy Monday is just the day to enjoy that :

  • Bon voyage (mp3)
  • Sofa rockers (mp3)
  • Life in Malmö (mp3)

You can buy the album here



Two Belgian bands I know have a name that is all too familiar to all of us soccer fans. Galatasaray, named after a successfull Istanbul side, and Arsenal (just like the London based top team) have experienced different paths of success.

Arsenal have released their third album, which took shape during an unexpected trip to the Finnish frozen lakes. They originally set out for Norway to record their songs, but ended up in Finland. The experience resulted in an instrumental album, which was used as a soundtrack for the TV show De Poolreizigers and in their third album, Lotuk. For this album they were able to work with some of their heroes, including Grant Hart (from Hüsker Dü), John Garcia (from Kyuss), Shawn Smith (from Brad, Pigeonhed and Satchel).

Enjoy these songs :
  • Lotuk (mp3)
  • Diggin a hole (mp3)
  • Who we are (mp3)

You can buy the album here


Zombie Zombie

Was it shear coincidence that led me to this song and (later on) to its magnificent, animated video ? That I don't know, but what I do know is that got drown into the dense, blood-drawing atmosphere of this instrumental song immediately.
The video seems to have captured that spirit very well, as it is a stunning exhibition of how you can create a thrilling story with as little as a couple of play figures, home-made models and a lot of creativity. It's a remake of
John Carpenter's film The thing in stopmotion with G.I. Joe dolls...

Enjoy this song :
Driving this road until death sets you free - Zombie Zombie (mp3)

Zombie Zombie is a French duo consisting of Etienne Jaumet and CosmicNeman who have their own record label (Boomboomtchak! Records), based in Paris, France.

You can buy their album here