In my car I listened to my tape of David Baerwald 's Triage and it struck me (it has been awhile since I've listened to it) that it's one of those easily forgotten and underrated albums by artists that never got the success they deserve.

David's in good company on my own list of underrated and easily forgotten albums :

If you wish to complete this list, go right ahead !

Meanwhile, I've finished reading "The year of the Cancer" (Het jaar van de kreeft) by Hugo Claus. I read it in Dutch, I'm not sure it has been translated ... It has been made into a film starring Rutger Hauer, it turns out...

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Tikatika said...

Well, some of my favorite albums are on that list of forgotten pearls. Triage is indeed a masterpiece. Once i made a mistake: i bought an earlier baerwald-album. It sucked.

Also (not to be) forgotten: Swagger by The Blue Aeroplanes, High Land Hard Rain by Aztec Camera and Bellybutton by Jellyfish.

Never forgotten because few people even know them: all albums by The Blue Nile.