Album of the week : Because of the times - Kings Of Leon

Kings Of Leon have blown me away with their single On Call, which made me curious to hear more from them. Their album Because of the times proves them to be a band that can really, really rock... Somehow, in a strange way, they reminded me of The Black Crowes : the melodious rock, the way even more down-tempo songs carry that energy,...
Opener Knocked up already enters with a hook that goes straight for your mind, to never leave it again, as does On call. But I also like the wide open view of songs like Trunk and Arizona. You can actually feel and see the roads ahead, amidst of the lonely desert (at least, that's how I picture Arizona...).

Enjoy these tracks :

  • Knocked up (mp3)
  • On call (mp3)
  • Trunk (mp3)
You can buy the album here.
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