Today's favourites

Two songs stand out currently for me when listening to the radio (and it seems I can hear them almost any time I turn on the radio...)

Back to black (mp3) by Amy Winehouse is the kind of song which makes you realize Amy's got a voice that can really convey a message. She's the kind of girl you'd be afraid to be falling for. To me, she's like the dark side of Lily Allen, and in looks she resembles Janice (from Friends) : somehow I expect here to burst into one of the Janicy laughs any minute... Nevertheless, the song is awesome !

Hard-Fi's Suburban knights (mp3) on the other hand is a sticky song : it attaches itself to the back of your head, and your ears seem to be picking it up all the time. Just like that other great song (Cash machine) by the same band, it's exactly what's pop music is supposed to be : catchy as a cold !

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