The effect of passing windows, reading : Marjan Debaene

A giant poster saying Wolfish times hanging on a window near my daughter's school, has catched my eye several times. Curious as I got, I ended up googling the title of the promoted CD and ended up at the website of Marjan Debaene, a Belgian female singer-songwriter who has released her debut album more than ten years ago.
Containing songs she wrote between 2001 and 2005, her third album was released in the fall of last year. She got some airplay with the first single (Charlie Chaplin) on national radio (but not the station I usually listen to) and has opened for Luka Bloom and neeka. She played gigs in the UK and in Bosnia-Herzegovina (being the first Belgian pop or rock artist to play there since the war), but all of that would have passed by me if it hadn't been for that poster !

Enjoy these tracks :

You can buy the album here


marjan debaene said...


thanks for the little push :-)
i'm curious though...at which school, and in which town did you see the poster?



Sven said...


it's in Gent, on a window at the Zwijnaardsesteenweg (not far from the furniture shop)

Nice that you have spotted my message at this blog, and that you have posted a comment (as you can see, not many people post comments...)
If there are more pushes I can give, just mail me at svenvolckerijck@hotmail.com and I'll be glad to do so...