Although a lot of hiphop music just gets wasted on me, it's absolutely not that I hate the genre. To the contrary, you can always make me very happy with some real good stuff !
Jay-Z seems to be able to do the trick for me most of the time. From Chapter One I like to listen to these 3 songs especially, although I have to admit it's really nostalgia that makes me smile whenever I hear the Annie sample in the first :
  • Hard knock life (mp3)
  • Wishing on a star (mp3)
  • Can I get a... (mp3)

You can buy the album here

PS Because of the European soccer championship, which I watch almost every game, I haven't posted a lot lately. Well, it's only a week till we know the winner...

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Jeff said...

While these aren't my favorite Jay-Z tunes by any means, he's an artist that's always keeping fresh. Even when he does something kinda lame, he manages to bounce back with something awesome.