Zombie Zombie

Was it shear coincidence that led me to this song and (later on) to its magnificent, animated video ? That I don't know, but what I do know is that got drown into the dense, blood-drawing atmosphere of this instrumental song immediately.
The video seems to have captured that spirit very well, as it is a stunning exhibition of how you can create a thrilling story with as little as a couple of play figures, home-made models and a lot of creativity. It's a remake of
John Carpenter's film The thing in stopmotion with G.I. Joe dolls...

Enjoy this song :
Driving this road until death sets you free - Zombie Zombie (mp3)

Zombie Zombie is a French duo consisting of Etienne Jaumet and CosmicNeman who have their own record label (Boomboomtchak! Records), based in Paris, France.

You can buy their album here

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murphyj said...

i am so into Zombie Zombie these days! I wish more people knew about the band. Been telling everyone to listen. The video is awesome.

It inspired me to make fan music video too. It uses scenes from the Running Man: