The House Of Love

Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful and the most treasured. A simple melody, in harmony with a relaxing voice and musicians who don't seek the headlights but just all play their part in making a song work : what more could one hope for in a pure pop song ?
True masters at this are
The House Of Love, an English band active initially between 1986 and 1993. In 2005 they re-united.
From the moment I first heard them, I liked them. They have a charm that captures you right away. They know how to play a good tune, and they don't make a big fuzz about it all : it's all just simple and very, very good !
I have added some of their most famous tracks, together with an acoustic performance they gave for a Dutch radio show (2 meter sessie for 2 meter de lucht in with host
Jan Douwe Kroeske) :

  • The girl with the loneliest eyes (mp3)
  • Shine on (mp3)
  • Feel (mp3)
  • Beatles and The Stones (2 meter sessie) (mp3)

You can buy their greatest hits album here

The 2 meter sessies album seems to be unavailable currently

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