Gastr del Sol

Although I enjoy both reading and listening to (good) music, the combination of both is hardly ever successfull. Mostly, the music is too dominantly there for me to be able to concentrate on what I'm reading, or I'd have to turn the volume so low I can hardly hear it (and still then it can carry away my attention quite easily).
One band, however, that manages to do the trick for me, is Gastr del Sol. It's not that their music is not appetizing enough (for it certainly is) ; there's just something about it that makes it possible for me to both listen to it and keep on reading concentratedly.

The book I was finishing reading today while listening to them, is the quite wonderfull Encyclopaedia of Snow, written by Sarah Emily Miano. It's not like any other book I've ever read, and although not all of it is great, I quite enjoyed it.

Enjoy these songs (perhaps while reading the book) :

  • Black horse (mp3)
  • A puff of dew (mp3)
  • Bauchredner (mp3)

You can buy the Gastr del Sol album Camoufleur here

You can buy the book Encyclopaedia of snow here

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