Lazy Monday : Green On Red

One of my favorite americana bands from when I was really young, is Green On Red. I have ever since enjoyed Chuck Prophet as a solo artist, almost as much as I have and am still enjoying those G.O.R. songs.
For a guy from Belgium, these songs were the ultimate escape to the rocky deserts of Texas and Arizona (well, at least they were in my imagination at that time), without having to embark on the over-produced, way too slick songs of the likes of Garth Brooks. I got acquainted with the band in 1989, with their very fine album This time around, which for me sounded a bit like The Rolling Stones gone country. But my favorite song will always be Little things in life.
And now, almost twenty years later, they still bring peace to my heart and quiet to my mind. What better way to spend a Monday evening then ?

Enjoy these songs :

  • Little things in life (mp3)
  • Shed a tear (for the lonesome) (mp3)
  • Broken radio (mp3)

You can buy the albums of Green On Red here

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