Roy Orbison

I never really much liked Roy Orbison, singing Only the lonely or Pretty woman, nor did I like his come-back with You got it. He was the kind of artist my parents liked and I thought he was way too "soft" for me. When he teamed up with some other (great) musicians to form Travelling Wilburys, I thought that pretty OK...
But then, I bought the soundtrack for The end of violence, which contained one of the most thrilling and perfectly produced "sad lovesongs". That same Roy Orbison sang You may feel me crying, and I changed my mind instantly.
Truely, it's a timeless classic : really at the edge of the feeling, not too much orchestration, just enough and a voice which doesn't try to make it all too obvious. You can actually feel the sentiment without drowning in it.
As well as that song, I have included some early songs Orbison recorded for Sun Records, the record company for (among others) Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.

Enjoy these songs :

  • You may feel me crying (mp3)
  • Ooby dooby (mp3)
  • Domino (mp3)
  • The clown (mp3)
  • You tell me (mp3)

You can buy the Roy Orbison album The essential Sun years here

You can buy the soundtrack for The end of violence here


derliebemarcus said...


do you have that picture in a larger resolution?


der marcus

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