Syd on the 13th floor

Today we return to the sixties, when I wasn't even born...
Well, actually,
Syd Barrett released his first solo album on the 3th of January 1970, but that would mean he made the songs in the sixties, wouldn't it ?
Syd used to be the big force behind the early
Pink Floyd, but because of his unpredictable behaviour he was to be gradually replaced by David Gilmour. He had by then somehow lost touch with reality, which however became one of the charms of his music.
Here's a video to one of his songs, Feel :

13th Floor Elevators are considered a psychelica band. In 1966 they released their debut, The psychedelic sounds of the 13th floor elevators. They would influence bands like Spaceman 3 and Queens Of The Stone Age. The opener of their debut album is the first song on the highly acclaimed movie High fidelity.
Here's the video to that song :

Enjoy these songs :
  • You're gonna miss me - The 13th Floor Elevators (mp3) : the opening track, also featured in High fidelity
  • You don't know (how young you are) - The 13th Floor Elevators (mp3)
  • Octopus - Syd Barrett (mp3) : this songs keeps reminding me of Octopus' garden by The Beatles
  • Long gone - Syd Barrett (mp3)

You can buy the Syd Barrett album The madcap laughs here

You can buy the 13th Floor Elevators debut album here