Big in Belgium : Dead Man Ray / Daan

One of the weirdest musical experiences in my life must have been the live performance of a soundtrack to an old movie by Belgian band Dead Man Ray. The movie "At the drop of a hat" (its original title in Dutch being "Café zonder bier" A bar without beer, also called "De ordonnans") stars the one and only Belgian cowboy Bobbejaan Schoepen, singer/actor/founder of an amusement park.

Of course Bobbejaan Schoepen sings most of the songs in the original movie, but Dead Man Ray composed new music to the movie, which they played live while the movie was being shown. However, the screening of the movie was not as regular as you would suppose : they seemed to "scratch" the movie : some parts were being repeated, rewinded countless times, some parts must have been missing, which made it quite hard to understand the story of the movie (honestly, I couldn't tell you what it's about...).

Dead Man Ray are currently on a break, as leadsinger Daan Stuyven has been busy with his solo career for quite some years now, with a lot of success. If you ever get the chance of seeing this guy performing on a stage, don't miss it ! It's definitely worth it...

For your enjoyment, I have posted a song by Dead Man Ray, a song by Daan (from one of his solo albums) and a Bobbejaan Schoepen song from that movie (the title song, so to speak...) :

Beegee - Dead Man Ray (mp3)
Housewife - Daan (mp3)
Café zonder bier - Bobbejaan Schoepen (mp3)

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