Album of the week : Kill uncle - Morrissey

I'm driving your girlfriend home
and she's saying how she never chose you
"turn left", she says so I turn left
and she says
"So how did I end up
so deeply involved in the very existence
I planned on avoiding?"
and I can't answer

I'm driving your girlfriend home
and she's laughing to stop herself crying
"drive on", she says so I drive on
and she says
"So how did I end up attached to this person
when his sense of humour gets gradually worser?"
and I can't tell her

I'm parking outside her home
and we're shaking hands
goodnight, so politely

I know little lyrics that describe so accurately the painful hurt of people drifting apart whilst using so little words and so trivial details, as "Driving your girlfriend home" on this week's album.
Morrissey, former singer of The Smiths, was quite unknown to me at the time, when I first heard Sing your life, a song taken from Kill uncle. I really loved the moody swing to it, how it sounded rustic and familiar and yet in touch with the spirit of those days...
I guess the album must have been about the tenth CD I ever bought (now I have hundreds of them, and hundreds of LP's, tapes and singles -both vinyl and CD), so there must have been weeks when I listened to almost nothing else but this soothing, lamentful, peculiarly warm voice, singing lyrics which seemed divine in its simplicity.
Listening to it today, I still feel that touch of how Morrissey paints you a picture so familiar and so right-on-the-spot you can actually feel as if it's your life sung...

Enjoy these songs :

Our Frank

Driving your girlfriend home

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