Album of the week : Van Lear Rose - Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn turns out to be a country & western star. I would probably have never heard of her (I'm not really into C&W, "Nashville style") if it hadn't been for her collaboration with Jack White (yep, the one and only...). He has produced this album, co-written it, and even sings and plays guitar on it. He has helped to make this record one of those rock-injected country albums that lift the artist to a higher level.
The opening track (Van Lear Rose) sets an example for the rest of the album, with a nice storyline and a musical expedition to where a wailing guitar and a lingering voice meet. I especially like the up-tempo songs on the record, and I really dig the stories Loretta tells us. The album ends with Story of my life, an autobiographical song that makes the circle round.

Enjoy these songs :

Van Lear Rose (mp3)
High on a mountain top (mp3)
Mrs. Leroy Brown (mp3)

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