Album of the week : In the fishtank 7 - Low + Dirty Three

In the fishtank is a project of Konkurrent Onafhankelijk Muziekbedrijf. This is fish seven : Low and Dirty Three. In this collection of short length cd's, Konkurrent invites bands to whom they are strongly related, to record while touring in Holland. These bands are given two days to put down on 24 tracks 20 to 30 minutes of whatever they like : regular songs, funny versions, improvised pieces,...
In November 1999, Low not only accepted this invitation, but they extended it to their friends Dirty Three. Both bands played the Crossing Border festival in Amsterdam when they recorded 6 songs together.
Dirty Three seem to add some more tristesse to the songs Low play and sing, and according to the liner notes on the CD, the combination of Low's open, desolate sound and the melancholic yet folky violin of Dirty Three's Warren Ellis inspired Mimi to indulge in a more crooning way of singing and Alan to play some amazing banjo.
They throw in a Neil Young cover (Down by the river), which takes its time to open up like a blooming flower in the first rays of sunshine on a summer morning...

Enjoy these tracks :

I Hear... Goodnight (mp3)
Down by the river (mp3)

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