Preparing for Pukkelpop Festival (1)

From today, we'll start preparing for Pukkelpop festival, which host many, many bands (some still to be announced) on 16th, 17th and 18th of August. First up : Belgian band Starfucker, who won "Labodelux", a talent contest, which earned them the right to open on one of the stages of the festival. It turned out to be the "Skate stage", where they'll perform their neo-punkdisco. You can listen to "Boys will be boys" on their website.
Bedouin Soundclash from Toronto mix reggae, rock, punk, soul and ska and they won't have released their second album, Street Gospel, when they play their show in the "Club" (it's available worldwide on 21st of August). On their website you can have a taste of what they sound like, with "Walls fall down".
Another Belgian band is Rye Jehu, who sound like Blink-182 have hired Dick Dale. If you click on the radio on their website, you can listen to 4 songs. Here's the video to 3 calls for alcohol :

Bloggers all over the world have grown to learn Voxtrot, who have become a huge internet hit. Listen to Kid gloves (mp3).

Starfucker's first single can be heard on their website and is not yet for sale.
Buy Bedouin Soundclash records here
Buy the Rye Jehu EP here
Buy Voxtrot records here

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