Lazy Monday : CocoRosie

My kids have a playhouse with animals that can be put on or off a button which produces the sound of the animal. I can't find the exact name of the toy nor a picture of it. I'll try to post a picture one of these days, and if someone recognizes it, post a comment please...
It's square with a house (barn) on it, and it has nine animals : (top to bottom, left to right) chicken, cat, bird, horse, dog, male goat (sorry, don't know the english word for it...), pig, cow and duck. It has been produced by Chicco.
I was surprised to hear exactly that sound of a cat on a CocoRosie song, from their album Noah's Ark.
Chicco have produced a toy with animal sounds called Noah's Ark, but as I don't see a cat on it, I don't think CocoRosie used THAT toy...

Bear hides and buffalo (mp3)

Buy the album here

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