New Chemical Brothers album

The Chemical Brothers are about to release their seventh album (if you include the mix album Brothers gonna work it out) : We are the night.
Having heard the songs (which you can do too, right here... for an undefined but limited period), it's clear that they have once again succeeded in remaining relevant to contemporary dance music. In fact, only The salmon dance, featuring Fatlip, is a disappointing song. Their collaborations with The Klaxons and Midlake (really surprisingly good song there...) bring us some of their finest tunes, but the absolute best song on the album is the first single, Do it again, featuring Ali Love. The beats are simple but force you onto the dancefloor, and the lyrics, well, they're no better than the lyrics to Hey boy, hey girl, but it works (in some strange, inexplicable way).

Enjoy :

Do it again - The Chemical Brothers featuring Ali Love (mp3)

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