Another free album : The saltire wave - Downliners Sekt

If you like your guitars to dominate, your drums to be kicked half-dead and don't mind the absence of vocals, you might very well like Downliners Sekt. Their electro/post-rock oriented second album is available for free download on their website (as are earlier releases).
This band have chosen to release their albums for free on their website, because they believe they can have a greater impact thus. They claim this way they have some of their songs, released more than 7 years ago, still played at dubstep sessions.

Personally, I quite enjoy this music. They have clearly put a lot of effort into making music that generates a mood you're most likely to catch between 3 and 5 in the morning, somewhere drunk in the gutter, left alone by your girlfriend that is now doing it with your best friend, by your best friend (you know what he's doing right now...) and even by the smelly cat that came down the alley. Well, anyway, you catch my drift... If I knew where they're playing, I'd tell you to go and see them !

Before checking out their website, and maybe donate to keep them going, enjoy this selection of songs :

If you want to help these fine artists, mail them to ask what you can do !

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