Tragically Hip

In spite of their name, they never became quite that hip. A strong fanbase however welcomed them at every concert, and with each new album I was among those that grew to like them more and more.
The Tragically Hip have, so far, released 11 regular albums, 1 live album and 1 compilation (double) album.

Enjoy these songs :
  • Grace, too (mp3)
  • Courage (for Hugh MacLennan) (mp3)
  • Lake fever (mp3)

Enjoy this video for Ahead by a century :

You can buy their albums here


Anonymous said...

the fact that they did not gain mass acceptance is exactly what made them hip!
sheesh are you you related to george bush?

Sven said...

Sheesh, don't you know tongue-in-cheeck ?

Anonymous said...

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