Fever Marlene

The Chelsea Hotel in New York City (made famous by Leonard Cohen) hosted Fever Marlene for 4 nights and 5 days, which resulted in the band's second album, due for release in March. They sound like a new Britpop sensation, although they're from Milwaukee. Earlier reviews (of their debut album Civil war) compared them to Oasis, Death Cab For Cutie and Arcade Fire.

The release party for the album is on the 5th of March, at the Yield Bar in Milwaukee, WI (10 PM).
Further gig dates :
March 6th : High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI
March 7th : Turner Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI
March 15th : Café Montmartre - Madison, WI
April 5th : Shank Hall - Milwaukee, WI
May 8th : Majestic Theater - Madison, WI

Enjoy these songs :

You can buy their music here


Anonymous said...

Hear this band on the radio in Milwaukee all the time. They just won
two awards. The singer, Scott Starr, won SINGER OF THE YEAR and the other award was ALBUM OF THE YEAR. These guys are really tight, amazing tunes
and a fun band to hang with. I'll be at their show at Turner Hall March 7th.

James from UW said...

We also listen to Fever Marlene on a couple Milwaukee stations.They have a great CD, but what Starr won was Vocalist of the Year. ( same difference I suppose ) They have quit a lot of fans of all ages. We try to get to all their shows. Anxious to get the new CD.

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