Rewind the video : Off the record

It must have been Sunday that I woke up with an irresistable tune locked in my head on endless repeat. But you know how it goes : you just don't seem to find the right words to the song. You keep wondering to yourself : "but which song is this ?" You almost go mad trying to find it. And then all of a sudden, it hit me (after about half a day). It was this great song :

Off the record (mp3) - My Morning Jacket (from the album Z)

Although I have to admit I don't really get the lyrics (well, English is my second language after all...), I really like the atmosphere of both song and clip.

For your enjoyment, I have added the live version from their live double album Okonokos :

Off the record (live) - My Morning Jacket (mp3)

You can buy the albums Z and Okonokos

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