Album of the week : Puta's fever - Mano Negra

I remember that the first song of the 1990 edition of the Rock Torhout festival that I could properly listen to after having entered the festival site, was a cover (didn't know that then, however) of Bobby Fuller's I fought the law. The band that opened the festival was having a massive radio hit with King kong five, and their mix of all kinds of languages and all kinds of music genres blew me off my feet.
Today their lead singer Manu Chao has a relatively succesfull solo career, but I still prefer their breakthrough album Puta's fever.
It has witty lyrics in French (Pas assez de toi, La rançon du succès) as well as Spanish and even Arabic sung songs. It has punch, a sort of gypsy punk attitude, but also downtempo songs that touch your heart.

Enjoy these songs :

  • Rock 'n roll band (mp3)
  • King kong five (mp3)
  • Sidi h' bibi (mp3)
  • El sur (mp3)

You can buy the album here

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SdC said...

La Mano...
They also toured a lot with Urban Dance Squad
Unforgettable concerts!

Sven said...

That must indeed have been unforgettable concerts, as I remember UDS to have quite a live reputation as well (I might have seen them once at Rock Torhout, but I'm not sure anymore... I guess I should look that up...)
Hope you enjoyed the songs !