Album of the week : This is somewhere - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Think Bonnie Raitt ! Think Heather Nova (on Oyster or Siren) !
Yes, now you've reached the place where you could meet and hear Grace Potter...
On her latest album This is somewhere, she and her band bring you songs which we could so easily call americana. Personally, I prefer the uptempo songs (like Mr Columbus, Ah Mary and Mastermind), but you've got to give it to them : they bring us some brilliant slows, on which I'd dance with a beautiful woman any time of day ! Apologies (tears almost have to well in your own eyes listening to this) and Falling or flying (never heard anyone sound like Heather Nova this much, not being Heather Nova herself...) have musicians taking you along on their trip and a voice heavy with cigarette smoke and heartache.
I regret to say I don't think Grace Potter will ever become big here in Belgium (haven't heard of her on the radio yet, so if it weren't for the internet, I would have remained in oblivion about her too...) : this is just not the kind of music many over here listen to, but hey... they're so wrong !
Think Bonnie Raitt and think Heather Nova, and think even better : that's where you'll find Grace Potter ! And keep listening to her album, over and over again...

Enjoy this song : Ah mary (mp3)

Listen to all songs on the album on her website, under Media.
Buy the album here

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