Rewind the video : Aphex Twin

It takes more than 4 minutes in this 10 minute video before the music even starts, and we get to be served a whole lot of explicit language before it does (and I really, really mean a lot of explicit language !) Then some guy with Michael Jackson-like dance moves gets out of an extremely long car and the song itself sounds like a nice melodic tune that has been crushed by a train. Every time your ears get comfortable with it, some weird cut-up or breakbeat makes them alert again. And as on the sleeve of the vynil edition of the single (which I happen to have in my possession), Richard D James, aka Aphex Twin, does something funny/strange with the heads and bodies...

And the weirdest part yet has to come... The video ends as if the movie has ended, with all the credits rolling over your screen. Enjoy it !

You can buy Aphex Twin music here

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