Cem Karaça

Music blogs have set me on the trail of numerous artists I had never even heard of, and I consider myself someone who knows quite a bit what's around in music though...
One of the discoveries I made through such a blog, was the Turkish artist Cem Karaça. He fled Turkey about a year before the 1980 military coup and it wasn't until 1987 that he could return under strict conditions about not doing any political actions. He had lived in Germany as an exile and he died in Istanbul in 2004. In the video to the song I like best of this artist, he looks a bit like a Zappa-esque bohemian, and his gesticulating is really intruiging...

Enjoy these tracks :
  • Namus belasi - Cem Karaça (mp3)
  • Suya giden alli gelin - Cem Karaça & Apaslar (mp3) : it starts a bit like California über alles by Dead Kennedys

You can buy Cem Karaça music here

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Anonymous said...

But Zappa was joking... This is full-blown Eurovision Song Contest seriousness. Apparently taken from a turkish game show.